rHEALTH Technology Granted US Patent for Small Volume Blood Handling in Point-of-Care Devices

Invention enables manipulation of small blood samples for accurate point-of-care diagnosis

BEDFORD, Mass., January 5, 2020 – rHEALTH LLC, and its affiliate DNA Medicine Institute, Inc., announced today the issuance of United States Patent Number 10,449,537 titled “Capillary manipulation of clinical samples.”  The patent describes a system for collection and delivery of minute blood samples to provide dramatic simplification of clinical diagnoses.  One of the major bottlenecks in point-of-care diagnostics is the handling of tiny blood samples from a fingerstick.  The 10,449,537 patent describes reliable processing of these blood samples to provide accurate clinical results.  The invention allows tests commonly performed in a central lab to be performed in any home or clinical setting.

“This is a seminal patent in our portfolio.  The linchpin in blood analysis is accurate blood collection, sampling, and manipulation of minute blood volumes.  This patent describes how that is done,” said Dr. Eugene Y. Chan, CEO.

The rHEALTH technology takes a small drop of blood (< 20 µL) and provides results in 15 minutes for a patient or medical provider via its app-driven, Bluetooth connected interface.  The technology is backed by NASA for monitoring astronaut crew member health for long-duration space travel.  It is designed to bring accurate and comprehensive diagnostic capabilities to places where such testing is unavailable, including homes and other non-traditional settings.

With this latest issuance, the rHEALTH technology has a dozen issued patents that cover sample handling, small blood volume analysis, massive assay multiplexing, and device design.  This portfolio confers rHEALTH the unique and sole ability to practice its approach to small volume blood analysis in a legally enforceable manner for 20 years from the initial date of filing of the patents.

About rHEALTH®

rHEALTH is a company focused on the development and commercialization of its Diagnose Yourself, AnywhereTM technology.  rHEALTH’s innovations consists of the rHEALTH diagnostic platform, which enables diverse laboratory test classes in a single small volume blood sample intended as a point-of-care solution, the SKYE Sensor, a wireless wearable providing comprehensive real-time vitals monitoring and CHAS, a user-friendly mobile application.  For more information, visit www.rhealth.com.

About DNA Medicine Institute

DNA Medicine Institute (DMI) is a biomedical incubator focused on advancing patient care, alleviating human suffering, and treating disease through innovation. Its technology is subject of work funded by NASA, National Institutes of Health, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. DMI leverages substantial expertise in interdisciplinary science and engineering to solve challenging problems. For more information, visit www.dnamedinstitute.com.

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