Our People


Eugene Y. Chan MD,
President and Chief Scientist
Dr. Chan leads our innovation efforts and brings together team members who have an innovative je ne sais quoi.  He graduated from Harvard Medical School HST with honors and from Harvard College summa cum laude.



Metka Shooteech,

Office Administrator

Metka runs administration and finance for our innovation laboratory.  Previously, she was with Bank of America where she developed management and finance skills for streamlined operations.

CandiceCandice Bae,

Nanoscience and Microfluidic Scientist

Candice leads our efforts in nanofabrication and nanolithography.  She is an inventor on multiple patents related to microfluidic mixing and multiplexed bioanalyte measurements using nanostrips.  When not synthesizing particles, she loves gardening especially figs and roses.

SamuelSamuel Bearg,

Special Projects Scientist

Samuel leads our innovative and special projects.  He has special expertise in all areas of software, including firmware, interfaces, and app development.  His mission critical software has been tested successfully in space.  His research training is in sensitive fluorescence detection and blinking of quantum dots.


PhippsWilliam Phipps,

R&D Specialist

Our parabonaut and our optical block expert. Ask him to show you videos of him in a flight suit.

DexterDexter Eames,

Electrical Engineer

Expert electrical engineer who has done it all. Can speak some basic Korean. Be sure to ask him his favorite words.

BillBill Bauer,


Very experienced engineer who can code like there is no tomorrow, from the Bay area.

MarcusMarcus Atkin,

Industrial Designer

From across the pond, bringing exquisite consumer experiences to you with project backgrounds from Dyson, Siemens, and Nestle.

KevinKevin McKenna,

Software Engineer

Stalwart coder who holds the fort down.