• Biomedical Engineering

    Biomedical Engineering

    Biomedical engineering is the design, development, and testing of apparatuses and technology for the advancement of biological systems. By itself,...

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  • Physics & Biophysics

    Physics & Biophysics

    Proteins, DNA, and other molecules inside our bodies are intricate molecular machines that perform extremely delicate procedures in a synchronized...

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  • Nanofabrication


    We have capabilities to fabricate down to several nanometers, approximately the width of a strand of DNA.  Unique expertise, training,...

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  • Microfluidics


    Microfluidics is the science of manipulating fluid in channels that are on the micron, or one-millionth of a meter, scale....

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  • Medicine


    An in-depth understanding of human physiology, disease, and treatment is critical in developing innovative medical tools. At the DNA Medicine...

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  • Advanced Engineering

    Advanced Engineering

    Utilizing state-of-art optical, mechanical, and software engineering tools, we have developed the ability to rapidly prototype ideas to completed parts...

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  • Genomics


    With the explosion of genetic data in the recent decade, mainly due to next-generation sequencing, ample opportunity exists for the...

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  • 3D Printing

    3D Printing

    A fundamental component of time-to-market is rapid prototyping.  We have extensive 3D printing capabilities, including different materials, resolutions, and finishing...

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  • $25K Challenge

    $25K Challenge

    DMI has an ongoing biomedical incubator program to provide in-kind resources totaling $25K to teams accepted into our MedAccelerator.  This...

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  • Incubator Thesis

    There are not many options for the early-stage biomedical entrepreneur.  The field is capital, equipment, and personnel-intensive.  For someone intent...

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  • MedAccelerator Selection Criteria

    MedAccelerator Selection Criteria

    We select for great ideas and great people.  This is a tried and true approach to success. The idea:  It’s...

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  • Partnering Overview

    Partnering Overview

    We work closely with alliance and channel partners to commercialize our products.  This model allows us to focus on our...

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  • Channel Partners

    Channel Partners

    We generate internal products that are commercialized through channel partners (ChaPs).  Our ChaPs in-license or form distribution partnerships for the...

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  • government agencies and NGOs

    government agencies and NGOs

    DMI works closely with a number of government agencies and NGOs.  These entities require the development of particular expertise and...

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  • corporate partners

    corporate partners

    We work with corporate partners on a number of levels.  These include collaborations, licensing, and sponsored research.  The most typical...

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