We specialize in discovery to production for new products. This approach allows us to decrease the risk of product development for biomedical research tools, medical devices, and other biomedical products. Products are marketed through partner organizations, either spin-outs from DMI or partner market-facing companies. We fully support the commercialization process including production, life cycle research, and development.




Company Overview

The DNA Medicine Institute is a med-tech incubator, laboratory, and biomedical technology service provider.  We specialize in advanced product development, biomedical research, and product development.  We bring products to market in a streamlined manner.  We have cross-functional expertise in various disciplines of science and engineering.  This allows us to identify risks early in biomedical technologies and create executable plans that lead to exciting and marketable products.  Our deep expertise in integration is one of our core hallmarks.



The mission of DMI is to provide cutting-edge products that advance patient care, alleviate human suffering, and treat disease through innovation. Successful, innovative commercial technologies make a long-lasting impact on patient care. Intuitive medical devices, robust biochemical assays, smartly designed drugs, and powerful research instrumentation aid in speeding research and clinical care. Our goal is to advance medicine and research through these biomedical products.


Our Beliefs

We believe in improving human health and alleviating human suffering through innovative products and research. Patients come first. Technologies and innovations are developed to help those afflicted of disease. Unique attention is given to research and technologies that can have a broad impact and be deployed in all socioeconomic areas of the world.

We believe in taking care of those around us, not only through technology, but also through integrity, dignity, and responsibility. Our employees are our greatest resource and we give them respect, opportunity, and a fostering environment. We take the same approach in our daily interactions with end-users, collaborators, and business partners.

Our Philosophy

Bringing products to market in the biomedical space is more challenging than in other industries.  There are often significant scientific hurdles that need to be overcome prior to even commencing a product development program.  The challenge is that science is unpredictable when it comes to cost and timelines.  Large sums of investment can be spent without getting to viable products.  DMI specializes in streamlining traditional product development processes by injecting innovation and scientific rigor into our approach.  This is done by having combinations of unique personnel who are talented, disciplined, and innovative.

Partner Organizations

We have partnerships with companies, government agencies, non-profits, and other organizations.  These include the following:


National Institutes of Health

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

GigaDx LLC

National Instruments, Inc.

Pharma, Biotech, and Life Sciences companies