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rHEALTH ONE Oral Presentation at CYTO 2019!

The rHEALTH ONE technology will be presented at CYTO 2019 in Vancouver, Canada on June 23 in a talk titled, "Personal 1.5 kg Microvolume Photon Counting Cytometer for Cell and Biomarker Analysis."  Dr. Chan will be presenting the technology in the Parallel 03:  New Technologies Session.  The rHEALTH ONE is utilized for small volume analysis...
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rHEALTH Technology to be Presented at NASA’s 2019 HRP IWS Meeting

Dr. Chan will present the rHEALTH technology at NASA's Human Research Program (HRP) Investigator's Workshop (IWS). The rHEALTH blood sensor is the subject of a NASA CCRPP contract to deliver comprehensive blood analysis capabilities for long-duration space travel. It is utilized in conjunction with the SKYE Sensor which enables comprehensive bioanalytical vitals information...
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DMI Awarded NIH Grant

DMI announced today that it was awarded an NIH grant for continued work on its STAT blood sensor technology. This technology is designed to take a small drop of blood and produce blood counts for all the major cell subtypes. "I am pleased that our technology has passed both peer and Advisory Council...
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