rHEALTH ONE Blood Analyzers Delivered to NASA for International Space Station

Blood analyzers to be qualified for spaceflight by NASA’s Commercial-Off-The Shelf (COTS) certification process

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., September 30, 2019 – rHEALTH LLC, and its affiliate DNA Medicine Institute, Inc., today announced that rHEALTH ONE blood analyzers have been delivered to NASA and its prime contractor Zin Technologies for spaceflight qualification. The technology will undergo a rigorous set of tests as outlined in NASA’s International Space Station: Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Certification Process Work Instruction document.

The work instruction outlines the process of proper spaceflight qualification of commercial technologies. The rHEALTH ONE analyzer will be subject to payload verification, safety, and quality tests. The successful certification of the rHEALTH ONE devices will pave the path for a technology demonstration onboard the International Space Station.
“This is an exciting milestone for the rHEALTH technology. We have worked with NASA closely to develop a small volume blood analysis technology for space, with dual-use applications in our homes and diverse medical settings. The technology empowers astronauts and individuals to be able to diagnose themselves, anywhere. We welcome the opportunity to put the technology through its paces, under the most demanding conditions,” said Dr. Eugene Chan, CEO.

The rHEALTH ONE is a small, cytometry-based blood analyzer that uses tiny blood samples (< 10 μL). At 1.5 kg, it weighs less than most laptops and uses minimal power (< 2.5W), drawn from a single USB port. The technology’s critical components, including its optical module and sample loading system, have been successfully tested in zero gravity onboard parabolic flights with NASA. The device analyzes cells and the Company’s nanoscale test strips in a multiplexed manner to provide results in minutes.

About rHEALTH®
rHEALTH is a company focused on the development and commercialization of its Diagnose Yourself, AnywhereTM technology. rHEALTH’s innovations consists of the rHEALTH diagnostic platform, which enables diverse laboratory test classes in a single small volume blood sample intended as a point-of-care solution, the SKYE Sensor, a wireless wearable providing comprehensive real-time vitals monitoring and CHAS, a user-friendly mobile application. For more information, visit www.rhealth.com.

About DNA Medicine Institute
DNA Medicine Institute (DMI) is a biomedical incubator focused on advancing patient care, alleviating human suffering, and treating disease through innovation. Its technology is subject of work funded by NASA, National Institutes of Health, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. DMI leverages substantial expertise in interdisciplinary science and engineering to solve challenging problems. For more information, visit www.dnamedinstitute.com.

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Rebecca Yu, (617) 913-7630, pr@rhealth.com

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