NASA Funds DMI for rHEALTH X with Non-Invasive Capabilities

The DNA Medicine Insitute (DMI) announced today that it has been awarded a contract from NASA to develop non-invasive capabilities for the rHEALTH platform. This platform is called the rHEALTH X, which is based on technology to measure a plethora of values from a single drop of blood, bodily fluid, or sample.

“We are thrilled to receive this contract award from NASA and to add non-invasive capabilities to our core rHEALTH technology.  It is our aim to develop a single, handheld device that allows all-encompassing biomedical diagnostic measurements for astronauts for the International Space Station and long-duration space travel to Mars and other challenging destinations.  It is vital that astronauts be able to perform autonomous diagnosis for every possible lab value in order to maximize the probability of mission success.  NASA has been a strong supporter of the technology and we are grateful for the opportunity to develop a technology for our astronauts,” commented Eugene Y. Chan, MD, Principal Investigator of the contract.

In particular, the contract will fund the development of EKG, respiratory rate, SpO2, and temperature measurements.  It is envisioned that the technology will work in conjunction with the rest of the rHEALTH technology, thereby augmenting its capabilities for these important vital signs.

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