Innovator’s Path Book

Read Madge Meyer’s exciting new book on innovation with interviews from noted innovators, including comments from Dr. Eugene Chan:

The most successful organizations began as nimble, innovative start-ups with the ability to course-correct and quickly adapt to the needs of their customers. But over time, success and growth often cause changes in the structure, the culture, and sometimes even the vision of the business. John Wiley and Sons, Inc., today announced the publication of The Innovator’s Path: How Individuals, Teams, and Organizations Can Make Innovation Business-as-Usual (Wiley, 978-1-118-53732-9, September 24, 2013, US $49.95), a handbook to give readers a clear understanding of the barriers that impede innovation and provide a step-by-step approach to restoring it. Complete with a how-to guide that helps leaders at every level of an organization implement the essential practices, infrastructures and processes for an innovation culture, this new release is a must for any organizations seeking to recapture and preserve their innovative origins.
Increasingly, corporate executives are looking to their customers, employees, and partners for innovative ideas. Many are leveraging “open innovation” tools and techniques like crowdsourcing to revitalize their innovation portfolios. Executives realize that innovation is critical, but exactly how to reignite it can be a mystery. Inside The Innovator’s Path, readers gain a practical understanding of what enables and inhibits innovation, and the steps they can take to create a culture of innovation within an organization. Written by Chief Innovation Officer, Madge Meyer, the book first brings into focus the surprising ways in which individuals unwittingly raise their own barriers to innovation, and provides a simple and immediate blueprint for surmounting them. Its continuing focus then shifts from the personal and interpersonal to the organizational. Readers learn about specific practices for managing and accelerating innovation in teams, projects, and enterprises. The final chapter underscores the very personal challenges that stand at the heart of continued success and provides encouragement and inspiration for moving forward.

The Innovator’s Path: How Individuals, Teams, and Organizations Can Make Innovation Business-as-Usual

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