Portfolio Category: MedAccelerator

$25K Challenge

DMI has an ongoing biomedical incubator program to provide in-kind resources totaling $25K to teams accepted into our MedAccelerator.  This is a highly selective program that provides biomedical entrepreneurs with resources, facility, equipment, advisors, and expertise to kick-start their biomedical venture.  This is provided in exchange for a non-controlling equity stake in the start-up.  The...
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Incubator Thesis

There are not many options for the early-stage biomedical entrepreneur.  The field is capital, equipment, and personnel-intensive.  For someone intent on starting a company, it often takes 6 months to raise capital, 6 months to set up with facilities, people, and equipment - and this is very optimistic.  Vital time-to-market is lost in this process...
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MedAccelerator Selection Criteria

We select for great ideas and great people.  This is a tried and true approach to success. The idea:  It's your idea.  And it has to be a good one that solves a real biomedical need.  Fortunately, we have a deep expertise in knowing what is realistic, addresses a real need, and can be turned into...
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