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rHEALTH Poster Presentation at NASA Conference

Eugene Y. Chan, MD, DMI Founder presented a poster titled, rHEALTH X Technology for Comprehensive Biomedical Analysis at NASA's 2016 Human Research Program Investigator's Workshop.  The poster highlighted the broad analytical capabilities of the rHEALTH X platform, including measurement of non-invasive vitals signs and blood-based biomarker measurements.  The rHEALTH X is designed for long-duration space...
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Spiral Vortexer Micromixer Receives US Patent Issuance

Cambridge, MA - DMI announced today that its spiral vortexer micromixer is now patented.  It formally issued as a patent titled, "Microfluidic Passive Mixing Chip" as US Patent No. 9,194,780.  The patent protects a novel means of mixing large blood cells in a microfluidic environment.  Traditional microfluidic mixers have a difficult time with blood since...
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