Medical Innovation Program


Physicians train for years to master the art of medicine.  This training, however, is purely clinical and is not orthogonal in its approach to provide tools for innovation.  Realizing this limitation, DMI works closely with medical students and physicians to provide training to think outside the box.  This juxtaposition of a creative process with the discipline of medicine allows for unexpected results.

Medical Innovation Program Goal

The goal is to leverage the resources, experience, and insight of DMI for local physicians and medical students to development their creative, orthogonal skill set while simultaneously pursuing their clinical practice.  Success in this program is contribution to a prototype or proof-of-concept for a product or process.

Program Details

Commitment.  We look for individuals who are willing to devote a minimum of 1-2 years full-time dedication to learning innovation.  While invention can sometimes occur in the span of minutes, innovation requires reduction-to-practice and requires significant time and energy to make it happen.  This is the “99% perspiration”.

Structure.  Overall, individuals will be mentored closely by DMI leadership.  This includes everything from hands-on techniques, critical and innovative thinking, and verbal and written communications.  We strive to provide demonstrable outputs in terms of prototypes, proof-of-concepts in the way of papers, abstracts, presentations, and patents.

Funding.  The program is funded and supported by various grants and contracts at DMI.  Participants have also brought their own funding in the form of fellowships, post-graduate fellowships, and other training grants.

Applicant Profile

We seek certain traits in the ideal applicant:

  • Dedication.  The individual should have time and commitment to the craft of innovation.
  • Creativity.  Out-of-the-box thinking is a must to overcome hurdles in the innovation process.
  • Focus.  Single-minded determination in making it happen often separates success from failure.
  • Character.  The individual should have a strong character, focused on truth and integrity.
  • Intuition.  Technical intuition cannot be learned.  Some people have it and some do not.  We try to identify those individuals with certain technical savvy and help them build upon those traits.


The Medical Innovation Program accepts applicants from medical schools, hospitals, and private practices.  Applicants are encouraged to talk with leadership or past participants of the program to see if it is a fit.  A CV and a cover letter should be sent to us at  We have a significant number of requests, but will be prompt in responding within 3-4 weeks after receipt of your application.