DMI Updated Reference List

Abstracts, Posters
Bae, C. & Chan, E. rHEALTH Sensor: Shrinking a Hospital Test Center onto a Chip. in NASA Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop (South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference Center, 2009).
Bae, C., Bishara, A., Yin, Z. & Chan, E.Y. Universal In-Flight Health Diagnostic Technology: rHEALTH Sensor and Nanostrips. in USRA HRP (Houston, TX, 2010).
Chan, E. et al. Performance of the rHEALTH Biomedical Sensor on Reduced Gravity Parabolic Flights. in 18th IAA Humans in Space Symposium (Houston, TX, 2011).
Chan, E. et al. rHEALTH Sensor: Universal In-Flight Biomedical Analysis Technology. in 2012 Human Research Program Investigator’s Workshop (Houston, Texas, 2012).
Chan, E. et al. rHEALTH Sensor: Universal In-Flight Biomedical Analysis Technology. in 2013 NASA Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop (Galveston, Texas, 2013).
Chan, E. et al. Miniaturizing and Multiplexing Complex Biomedical Tests on the rHEALTH Sensor. NASA Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop (Galveston, Texas, 2014)
Chan, E. et al. Continuous Wireless Vitals with the rHEALTH X Technology. NASA Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop (Galveston, Texas, 2015)
E. Y. Chan, D. Eames, B. Bauer, M. Atkin, C. Bae, C. Han, A. Bell, S. Bearg, E.S. Nelson.  rHEALTH X Technology for Comprehensive Biomedical Analysis.  NASA Human Research Program Investigator’s Conference.   (Galveston, Texas, 2016)

Phipps, WS, Yin, Z, Bae, C, Sharpe, JZ, Bishara, AM, Nelson, ES, Weaver, AS, Brown, D, McKay, TL, Griffin, D, Chan, EY. Reduced-gravity Environment Hardware Demonstrations of a Prototype Miniaturized Flow Cytometer and Companion Microfluidic Mixing Technology. JOVE. 11/13/2014, Issue 93; doi: 10.3791/51743
Gladding, PA, Cave, A, Zareian, M., Smith, K, Hussan, J, Hunter, P, Erogbogbo, F, Aguilar, Z, Martin, Chan, EY, Homer, ML, Shevade, A, Kassemi, M, Thomas, JD, Schlegel, TT. Open access integrated therapeutic and diagnostic platforms for personalized cardiovascular medicine. J. Pers. Med. 2013, 3(3), 203-237; doi:10.3390/jpm3030203.
Chan, EY, Maiorca, K, Bae, C., Sharpe, N., Tripuraneni, V, Sharpe, J. Malaria β-haematin in blood results in synergistic attenuation enhancement: Studies with a conventional multimode reader and a custom LED device. Malaria World Journal. May 27, 2013 – 19:50.

Published Patents
Chan, E.Y., Chan, M.Z. Microfluidic Passive Mixing Chip. US Patent Application No. 61/423,095
Chan, E.Y., Chan, M.Z. Multicoded Analytical Nanostrips. US Patent Application No. 61/462,336
Chan, E.Y. Flow Based Clinical Analysis. US Patent Application No. 61/462,337
Chan, E.Y. Fluidics Module. US Patent Application No. 20150283544.
Chan, E.Y. Bae, M. PEG-Based Microparticles. US Patent Application No. 20150284486
Chan, E.Y. Microparticle Multiplexing. US Patent Application No. 201550285729
Chan, E.Y., Chan, M.Z. Sample Consumable and Loader. US Patent Application No. 20150260745
Chan, E.Y., Shape, J.Z. Optical Block. US Patent Application No. 20150177120
Sharpe, J.Z., Chan, E.Y. Capillary Manipulation of Clinical Samples. US Patent Application No. 20140165711

Invited Talks
2015 AACC Emerging Clinical & Laboratory Diagnostics: Pushing the Envelope, November 4-5, 2015, Los Angeles, CA
Ninth Annual Enabling Point-of-Care Diagnostics Conference, August 18-19, 2015, Washington, DC
2015 AACC Annual Meeting, July 26-30, 2015, Atlanta, GA

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